EMV, PCI and the ATM Industry


With the U.S. the top target of ATM crime, a wave of regulations and requirements has been let loose that without proper understanding could swamp deployers large and small alike.

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As organized crime syndicates increasingly target ATMs, those in the United States in particular, the need for greater data security has become more apparent than ever for the industry. Consumers and regulators are adding pressure for deployers and manufacturers to ensure standards are put into place and maintained to protect the vital information that, in the wrong hands, could lead to widespread fraud and millions — even billions — in loss.

Now is a critical era in the evolution of a more secure payments network, and financial institutions, IADs and suppliers must act intelligently and resolutely to make it happen.

This 33-page guide delves into:

  • ATM security threats
  • Overview of PCI standards
  • Context
  • PCI DSS-Mandated ATM security practices
  • PCI ATM security guidelines
  • Compliance deadlines

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