2018 ATM Comparison Guide


Over 80 pages of up-to-date data on dozens of ATM models from the world’s leading ATM manufacturers including ATM models that now have the drivers for Windows 10.


It’s hard to believe, but Windows 10 is on the way.

It seems impossible that it could be four-and-a-half years already since the end of support for Windows XP, but that’s the fact. And just a little more than 15 months from now, Jan. 14, 2020, Windows 7 will face the same fate.

If you are looking to replace outdated machines as you make the changeover to Windows 10, the 2018 comparison guide will indicate any ATM models that now have the drivers for Windows 10 — or at least have the hardware capacity to support the platform.

It will also provide information you’ll need to determine which ATM models will allow you to maximize the new capabilities that Windows 10 will enable.

This report contains:

  • 90 pages of up-to-date data on dozens of ATM models
  • Full-color photos of each model, along with detailed attributes and features for each
  • More than 2,400 data points from leading ATM manufacturers including: 
    • DBSI
    • Diebold Nixdorf
    • Genmega
    • GRGBanking
    • Nautilus Hyosung
    • NCR Financial Solutions
    • Puloon USA ATM
    • Symtron
    • Triton Systems
    • Vortex Engineering Pvt Ltd

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